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In the company work seven defectoscopists and in the case of large volumes of work load there is the possibility for optimal increase of staff.
The company personnel is trained by BDS EN 473 and is qualified to perform non-destructive testing by different methods. The defectoscopists posses qualification certificates, issued by the Certification center for personnel in non-destructive control as of the national science technical society in defectoscopy, certification centre for personnel “TÜV Rheinland  Bulgaria” and certification center for personnel VECTOR Germany

On the territory of Bulgaria are controlled gas pipelines, heating pipelines, gas installations and gas stations, product pipelines, pressurized vessels, reservoirs for storage of petrol products, power stations, metal details and products, control of vessels (Bulgarian ship register), railway installations, lifting equipment and many others.
Outside the country the personnel has performed a non-destructive control in “POWER STATION VASILICOS: Cyprus  

Because of the different types of work and the long years of experience the company’s personnel has acquired a vast experience in all fields of non-destructive control as it has always observed the normative documents, orders and standards.
In our practice the company’s defectoscopists have always been correct with the clients.

The major aim of the personnel of “CONTROL ENGINEERING” Ltd is to offer high quality competitive services in the field of non-destructive control.






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