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The Company
The company “CONTROL ENGINEERING” Ltd was established in May 2003 and works in the field of the non-destructive testing of welded products, metal products, metal installations, pressurized vessels and others.
The company performs non-descriptive control by the following methods:
-    radiography control /RT/
-    ultrasonic control /UT/
-    ultrasonic thickness measuring /UTT/
-    magnet luminescent control ?MT/
-    penetrating liquids control /PT/
-    density control /LT/
-    insulation continuity control /IS/
-    measuring metal hardness /HT/
-    semi quantity spectral analysis  of metals /ST/
-    visual control/VT/
The management of the company is situated at Rousse town, 49A Tutrakan blvd. The central office of the OCWPMD as of “CONTROL ENGINEERING" Ltd is in the town of Rousse, 22 Tutrakan blvd.
       “CONTROL ENGINEERING" Ltd  has a licensed laboratory for radiation defectoscopy and three licensed specialized vehicles for transportation of radioactive substances in the town of Rousse town, 22 Tutrakan blvd.
    As of 19.12.2005 the Organ for control of welded products and metal details /OCWPMD/ type A at “Control Engineering" Ltd  is accredited by IA BSA by certificate №191 OKA with range of accreditation control by methods RT, UT, UTT, MT, PT valid to 31.12.2009
The Organ for control of welded products and metal details /OCWPMD/ type A at “Control Engineering" Ltd  is reaccredited and is valid to  31.01 2014 by IA BSA by certificate №191 OKA .

We offer quality based on:
-    work with a dynamic team with experience in the field of non-destructive testing
-    quality equipment, manufactured by leading companies in the respective field
-    company policy, oriented towards the strict performance of the contracts with our clients and willingness to build a relation based on trust and correctness.







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